Consultancy that cares

Our aim is to help new or existing owners of independent hospitality businesses such as restaurants, bars, pubs, small hotels, social clubs and private catering companies not only get off the ground but flourish in an ever increasingly competitive industry where small mistakes can be a lot more costly than they would be for a larger company.

What makes Be Your Hospitality different from the other larger consultancies out there is that we concentrate on small independent hospitality food & drink led businesses meaning our whole approach is a whole lot more personal to you and your business requirements. We also have a lot of other services in house that we can use to help make your business a success, from our recruitment arm to our web & marketing team. 

We can guarantee a real voice 24 hours a day 7 day a week. We bring over 40 years of professional experience working within large hospitality businesses with us.  We learnt from and managed large chains and pubcos, hotels, theatres as well as owning and operating our own businesses and gained invaluable inside knowledge of their systems, programmes and best practices which sets them aside from the smaller independent business which makes them successful and to a point pushes smaller businesses into hardship. All our expertise and knowledge is now available to you which will allow you to drive your business ahead of your competitors in an environment which has so much room to do things bigger and better than has ever been seen before making your business idea and our guidance a template to succeed.